Inner freedom and essential life challenges are the poles of our life.

Spiritual Soulwork with Tina Maria Werner

Self awareness > Self empowerment > Self permission

There is always a question at the beginning of a quest.

Each life is a journey with many different stations. During your journey you will experience periods filled with more questions than answers.

Maybe because circumstances and incidents are overburdening and there is no suitable solution or explanation to be found. Maybe on the surface everything seems to be at its best and still there is an inner longing towards an unknown more.

In all cases the path into the new starts with a question: Where will my journey lead me? What does all that have to do with me? How do I find happiness?

To understand the matter, sometimes it is enough to change the line of sight

No matter in which situation or stage of your life you are in: There is always a way to yourself and most of times to an easier life.

It is not always easy to find this way by yourself. Living conditions, private and job everyday life, external influences and distraction are affecting the finding process as well as personal affliction. If you are fully involved, positive advice, wise books and long rest are often not enough. The solution is to be found at another level and embraces a new understanding of life: Your soul´s plan.

Recognizing the soul's plan will lead you to a different approach of your situation in life. From the perspective of your soul's level, present problems and obstacles suddenly do have a meaning. At once crisis is not a problem anymore but an invitation to discover something new, and to take advantage of the opportunities.
Changing perspective enables to do the first steps into a life with more awareness and a clear view. Questions will turn into chances and opportunities – there will be light in the dark.

Healing is not effective by the power of healing but by the power of imagination

The discovery of your soul´s plan will give you a new perception of life and offer support to meet your struggles and master challenges. This is a given possibility to everybody.

Inner freedom and essential life challenges are the poles of our life.

Spiritual Soulwork pursues a defined goal: to provide the ability to feel inner freedom. If you have perceived your soul´s plan and with it reached your inner freedom, your life will be changing. You will recognize your own ego, you will train your intuition, you will learn to trust yourself, find a distinct position toward people and topics in your life. You will understand that you and only you, is responsible for yourself and your contentment.

At the same time you will gain high inner clearness and new strength. You will be able to give and receive love wholeheartedly. In addition you will discover grand abundance within yourself and your environment. You will feel vividness like never before in yourself and in life.

Q&A by Tina Maria Werner

Are you able to tell the future?


Are you able to cure diseases like cancer?

No, because I am not a doctor. Spiritual Soulwork can ease the handling of illness and support recovery.

Are you able to get into contact with deceased persons?

Yes, I can establish contact to the spiritual world and transmit messages.

Are you using any tools like pendulum or cards?

No, because my spiritual ability is centered within myself, you will feel it. You will get information during our talk. You are welcome to write down or record the sessions.

Do I have to believe in god? Do I need a religious denomination to meet you?

No. I am open to people of all denominations.

Can you disclose my soul´s plan to me?

Yes, but I need your permission and you must be open for the experience.

Do I get all the information, even the one I do not care for to know?

You will get all information necessary to find your mental balance. Some may be surprising or irritating, but always for your best.

Why are you doing Spiritual Soulwork?

I was appointed. At the oldest tree of the world, the Te Matua Ngahere, during my stay with the Maori in New Zealand, I made the promise to provide my gift for the good of people.

Is Spiritual Soulwork tiring or does it hurt?

Energy work is usually mentally tiring, concentrating and dealing with your self can be exhausting.

Learn to hear your inner voice and to trust it.
You are now.