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Spiritual Soulwork offers the opportunity to perceive and experience life with a new kind of awareness. Spiritual Soulwork teaches us the doctrine of the soul and to identify higher spiritual principles leading to cure if applied.

The reason for Soulschool is to follow this path of awareness in order to develop further your own spirituality, to learn Spiritual Soulwork and to exchange experiences with like-minded persons.

Soulschool learning program

The learning program at Soulschool consists of regular sessions and meetings conducted by Tina Maria Werner.

2 group teachings per month with Tina Maria Werner

Every month, the group meetings are dedicated to one subject of Spiritual Soulwork; Tina Maria Werner will give a teaching to introduce each topic. Every student will write an essay on the monthly topic to deal with and to deepen the own spirituality.

1 individual session per month with Tina Maria Werner

Tina Maria Werner will assist each student on his spiritual path by individual sessions.

2 Souldays per year

Twice a year Soulschool organizes Souldays. The spiritual Soulcommunity meets for three days to exchange experiences, and work together on various spiritual subjects and currents. Each Souldays event has a different theme in order to provide new spiritual impulses for the community. Spiritual teachers of various schools of thought give lectures and, together with the students, apply new insight. The Souldays traditionally start with a joint grand dinner to celebrate the abundance of life.

To get admission to SoulSchool, you should have the following preconditions: Confident application of intuition training, for example of the method MFL®, according to Kurt Zyprian Hörmann or another kind of intuition training.

What are the criteria I have to meet to get admission to Soulschool?

A covering letter, presenting yourself and answering the question: why do I want to attend Soulschool?

Q&A by Tina Maria Werner

What is Soulschool?

Soulschool offers the exchange in between like-minded people and the opportunity to grow spirituality in an energetically protected space. You will continuously get impulses for your spiritual progress, accompanying your everyday life.

What is the reason for Soulschool?

When I started my spiritual journey, I was longing for exchange with like-minded people. I felt lonely within my spiritual growth and wished for impulses accompanying my everyday life. This is the reason why I decided to found Soulschool.

What can you learn at Soulschool?

Individual spiritual growth by study of the essential themes of life is our first priority. In addition I teach, amongst other topics, Spiritual Soulwork, 19-chakra-system, energetic frequency of solution, relation-deficiency-model, use of the Kundalin power, etc.

Do students get a confirmation of participation?

Absolutely, you will get a certificate.

What is the learning program structure?

The learning program is focused on one main topic every month, I will conduct 2 group sessions and every student will write an essay on the monthly topic. In addition one individual session for each student is offered to provide personal support and improvement.

What kind of commitment do I enter into as a student of Soulschool?

Admission at Soulschool takes place through an assessment process. Participation at group sessions and individual sessions is fundamental for me, that applies also for the participation at Souldays. I recommend to study at Soulschool for one year, you will definitely notice remarkable progress. Minimum attendance is 3 month.

Is the schedule of Soulschool correspondent to the regular school holydays?

No. Winter term is from September 15th to December 15th. Spring term from January 15th to April 14th and summer term from April15th to July 15th.

How many students are in the groups of the Soulschool?

8 students max.

What are the criteria I have to meet to get admission to Soulschool?

Qualifications to attend are: confident application of intuition training for example of the method MFL®, according to Kurt Zyprian Hörmann or another kind of intuition training. And a covering letter, presenting yourself and answering the question: why do I want to be a student at SoulSchool?

Do I have to believe in god? Do I need a religious denomination to attend Soulschool?

No. Soulschool is open to people of all denominations.

Will I be able to help other people with the content I learn?

Soulschool imparts knowledge that gives you the ability to pass it on to other people.

Will I get any learning material accompanying the monthly main topics?

Yes, in every group session you will get handouts focused on the monthly main topic and related reading recommendations.

Why group sessions with Tina Maria Werner?

Group sessions serve to joint learning efforts and experience exchanges with like-minded persons. The group energy is challenge and encouragement for each attendant.

How long lasts a group session?

Group sessions usually take ca. 4 h.

Where do group sessions take place?

In Munich.

Why individual sessions with Tina Maria Werner?

Individual sessions promote the personal advancement of the student.

How long is an individual session?

An individual session usually takes ca. 1,5 h.

Where will individual sessions take place?

If convenient you will come to my shala in Munich. Online per Skype or Face Time is also an option.

Why does every student have to write an essay each month?

During the intensive debate with a topic for the period of a month it will be perceptive and deeply profound to approach the subject in written also.

How long is the essay supposed to be?

500 words max.

How high are the fees for Soulschool?

The monthly fee is € 500 net, booking at Soulschool is per semester.

May I get an invoice including VAT?

Yes you can get an invoice including VAT.

How do I pay?

Payment is per semester in advance, by bank transfer.

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